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Hello! Misguided Ones!! Your freedoms are very fragile.  These brave people are protecting it on a daily basis with their sweat and blood.  Do not take it for granted.

Welcome to my world ! Let us get started with the history of this website. If you already know the history and want to read the content and the pertinent details of the case in question that prompted me to create this website, please click on The Case Files otherwise continue to read on.

History of this Website: 

This site was not pre-planned by me. As a matter of fact, it came into being out of necessity. If you are coming from our facebook page titled: I TRUST LAW ENFORCEMENT then you already know some of the history of this page and how it came into being. If not here is the brief history:

Once upon a time there was a couple named Jaggu and Preeti who immigrated from India like many of us. They are living here in Puyallup as Jagjit Singh & Baldev Kaur. They pretended to be very needy while we were very generous and kind hearted.  We helped them a lot after listening to their concocted stories of abuse and torture at the hands of the Punjab Police in India. We do not claim that it does not happen. The fact of the matter is that it happens a lot and has happened to a lot of people including myself.  However the story of Jaggu & Preeti is a concocted story. The fact of the matter is that they are imposters living in the United States under fictitious names and they both hate their fictitious names. They have lied to people in the Seattle area even about their caste and religion. Why does it matter? Well, it must matter to them otherwise they would not have lied about it. They never advised the U.S. Government about their real identities and sought refugee status with false documents. The Indian Government has provided them with real passports while the Punjab Government has provided them with false documents.  After they settled down in the U.S. by receiving their Green Cards, they became very greedy or were let loose from their sleeping cells by someone else who was pulling their strings. They hit me with false charges.  I hit back. they lost and lost big time. They both apologized in court after a three and half year legal battle. I ran out of money so I could not afford to continue any longer.  Therefore, I had to be content only with mere apology and no monetary compensation for damages. In order to regain my reputation that was severly damaged, I started to distribute the copies of their apology in the community and through the Punjabi Media. They and their hard core friends became very upset. They came up with a new plan to destroy my reputation by denying the existence of the apology document and by manufacturing more lies along the same lines. This gang even started a facebook page titled: NEVER TRUST AMRIK KANG against me that has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  After I found out about it, I decided to hit back.  A youngman named JOE RANA previously unknown to me took the lead by posting a note on the wall of their group's facebook page. Another younman named ANMOL CHEEMA from Puyallup followed the suit and posted another note after I started this website. My wife created the facebook group with the same name as this website. I have some secret supporters too whose names will be disclosed at an appropriate time in the future. 

The members of this gang including their Ringleader TAJINDERPAL SINGH DHALIWAL s/o RAM SINGH DHALIWAL, the treasurer of the Gurdwara in Renton, Washington and a resident of Puyallup, WA, USA have been identified. Now, we are back in court.  As things happen, we will keep you posted through our blogs.  

Yours Truly,                                                                                  Puyallup, WA, USA.
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